The Wheel Of Health

The Wheal Of Health

A mountain people renowned for their longevity and vigor, the Hunza of the Himalayas commonly live to be 100 or older, and cancer and degenerative disease are virtually unknown in their communities. G. T. Wrench, an English physician, searched for the wellspring of the Hunzas’ fitness and health in the 1930s. He found the answers in the work of Dr. Robert McCarrison, who had been Director of Nutrition Research in India and had studied the Hunza people for many years. Their diet and their methods of food cultivation and soil preparation are the key as detailed in this timeless book, a lost classic newly returned to print.
The Wheel of Health traces the agricultural techniques of the Hunzas from plants to humans, humans to soil, and soil to plants, exploring the farmers’ renewal and protection of the soil. Dr. Wrench also examines drug-free methods of strengthening the immune system. These fact-based findings stem from knowledge acquired over countless generations and evidenced by the Hunzas’ remarkable vitality. An effective approach to holistic health and disease prevention, this landmark book offers a balanced health alternative to modern fad diet books.