Candace Fox: Thyroid Cancer

How Candice-Marie Fox healed advanced thyroid cancer (It wasn’t just pineapples)
“Former model with cancer who turned down chemo claims she cured herself by eating three pineapples a day…”
“Woman ditches ‘toxic’ husband and beats cancer”
Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2011 at age 28. After surgery and radiation, it spread. Then she adopted a radical diet (mostly fruit), changed her life, and her body healed.

recently made internet headlines (a few examples above), but the click-bait tabloid version of her story that went viral is not accurate. She was misquoted, her story was oversimplified, and some of the facts are just plain wrong. Classic internet.
So I thought I would give Candice-Marie the opportunity to tell you herself.
And we did two interviews for you.

The first one is a quick 8-minute version of her story for all you busy bees. Bzzzz.
The second interview is over an hour long, and she talks in more detail about her crazy experience with conventional treatments, what was happening in her personal life, her super fruity anti-cancer diet, the NORI protocol, and lot more (see the show notes below).
If you have time to watch the full version, do it. It’s fantastic.
The short version was an afterthought, and we taped these on two different days.
She wore the same shirt. I didn’t.