Allan Taylor: Colon Cancer

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Allan Taylor, 78, beat cancer by changing his diet and taking herbal remedies.
The following article by Rob Preece appeared in The Daily Mail UK September 16, 2012.
A grandfather, who was told by doctors (in April 2012) that his cancer was ‘incurable’, has been given the “all-clear” (by doctors) less than four months later – after trying a different diet.
Allan Taylor could have been forgiven for fearing the worst when doctors told him they could do nothing to treat his condition.But the 78-year-old would not give up, and instead searched the internet for an alternative method to fight his cancer. After studying websites, he decided to radically change his diet – and found his condition improved dramatically.
Mr Taylor, a retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough, replaced red meat and dairy products with 10 portions of raw fruit and veg each day.
His diet included powdered grass, curry spices, apricot seeds and selenium tablets.
Mr Taylor made the changes after he received a letter on April 30, telling them were was no point having any more chemotherapy as it would not cure him and neither would an operation.
‘They said if they cut out the cancer it would just pop up somewhere else,’ he told the Sunday Mirror.
‘But I was determined to stay positive and decided to find my own cure.’
‘On August 6 I got a letter from North Tees hospital to say a scan had shown my cancer had gone and “the abnormality is no longer visible”. I’m all clear.’
Mr Taylor’s ordeal began in February last year when he noticed a two-inch lump in his abdomen. He was sent for a scan and told he had colon cancer. Last September he underwent an operation, during which a surgeon removed a nine-inch section of his colon, and he began a three-month course of chemotherapy. But in April this year he was told the cancer had spread to small intestine.
Mr Taylor responded by tapping the words ‘colon cancer cures’ into an internet search engine. He used the information, together with advice from his local health food store, to devise his new diet.
He believes that having a teaspoon of powdered barley grass in hot water every morning and night was particularly crucial.
‘There is no question in my mind that my diet saved my life,’ he said. ‘And all it cost was £30 a week’
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So I originally posted this in October 2012. It got tons of traffic and somehow Allen saw it. He posted a comment about wanting to tell his whole story so I emailed him and asked him for it. He didn’t respond so I assumed he had changed his mind. Six months later he emailed me this:
A Spice Route to Recovery Living Proof…
Allan Taylor, 78, retired, 13 years ago after a long career in construction steelwork, erecting, fitting out oil and gas rigs. I had a longstanding heart condition, but was well on warfarin for years, before I was diagnosed with ‘incurable’ colon cancer in September 2011. I underwent surgery then chemotherapy, but became so ill that treatment was discontinued. Using the internet to design myself a bespoke menu of natural remedies, then amazed my doctors by showing up cancer-free on a follow-up scan.
I live in Middlesbrough, with my wife whom I met at 15. My eldest daughter died from conventionally-treated cancer, aged 49. Now ‘feeling very fit and no more than 21’ I take two of our grandchildren, to and from school every day, lays carpet, dives under the car to execute repairs, recently fitted a new kitchen, painted the house inside and out, and thinks nothing of felling large trees in the garden.
Late in 2010 I visited my doctor to check out a lump at the top of my stomach, which caused a small degree of pain. He prodded around but said that I had nothing to worry about. As the lump then grew harder and larger I decided to visit another doctor in the same practice. I was given a second, thorough examination and once again reassured that all was well. I left the surgery feeling that maybe I should stop worrying.
But six weeks later, I was still not happy. Less sure than his colleagues, a third GP arranged an appointment at the South Cleveland Hospital. I had a colonoscopy – a camera investigation from my rear – and an endoscopy – through my mouth – and was told there and then that there was a problem Two biopsy samples were sent for analysis and a few days later I was recalled to be told that I had a large cancerous tumor of the colon, high up, close to my liver. There was no doubt about the diagnosis: on screen I could see for myself that the lesion was a whopper.
Surgery was arranged for September 28th 2011, and my surgeon assured me he would do his best, though he did not seem totally confident of the outcome. Then, four days before the scheduled operation, I collapsed in the small hours, with agonising stomach pains. My daughter, who is a nurse, called an ambulance and I was rushed to James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, South Cleveland where I met a different surgeon, Mr Anil Reddy, who decided to operate at once.
My luck was in: Mr Reddy was highly skilled and I could not have wished for better clinical or nursing care. Mr Reddy’s warmth and approachable manner gave me so much confidence, even though he had to remove about nine inches of my colon, and perform an ileostomy (linking the end of the small intestine to an opening in the abdomen) which was subsequently reversed. I really believe that I am only here today due to the skills of Mr Reddy and his team. At first, post surgically, I was in a hell of a state and spent seven days on the high dependency ward. I was in hospital for three weeks altogether, and slowly began to move about and recover.
Chemo was organised, and the first week was problem-free. But from the second week onwards I felt nauseous most of the time. My toenails started to come off, and I developed large sore patches on the back of my hands. Diarrhoea became quite a problem and then I experienced severe heart attack pains in my chest. After four months of suffering the oncologist took me off chemotherapy as it was reducing my quality of life.
But further bad news was to come: a follow-up scan indicated the presence of cancer somewhere in the middle of my stomach. A more detailed PET scan confirmed that the cancer had spread to the peritoneum. I also developed problems passing water which required a visit to the A&E department: it seemed there was also some prostate cancer development. At this point my GP and I received letters from my oncologist stating that the cancer was incurable but that he would monitor developments. Having witnessed what my mother, and my beautiful eldest daughter, went through in their final months, I had some idea of what seemed in store for me.
Understanding my position pretty clearly, I started to explore natural cures. I spoke with the manager of my local health shop who gave me information that might help, and I spent a lot of time searching the internet where I discovered many natural therapies with good evidence that they could help to clear me from cancer. Some reports I read on the internet suggested that the cure rate from chemo was only five per cent, whilst natural remedies could be considerably higher. I told my oncologist about my plan and he said that that my regime would do no harm, but he couldn’t say that it would do any good. My wife also saw conventional medicine as the only way. But I decided it had to be kill or cure for me.
What, after all, did I have to lose? I’d reached a stage where nobody would give twopence for my survival.
I had six to eight weeks before my next CT scan. I selected a number of therapies and ordered supplies from my local heath shop and over the phone. The first step in my healing regime was a change of diet: I stopped eating red meat and any processed meat, such as bacon, or soups with any meat content. I cut out all dairy products, cakes and any other food containing refined sugars. I began to buy organic vegetables whenever possible and aimed to eat 10 varied portions a day, uncooked, because cooking destroys essential enzymes. I power-walked twice a day for half an hour each time. My aim was to increase the oxygen level onto my blood stream so that cancer cells would die. I purchased a treadmill and installed it in my summer house which was quite useful when the weather was not so good.
On the internet I learned about twice Nobel prizewinning Dr Otto Warburg, the German Jew who discovered that if you increase the alkalinity in the body oxygen levels would increase and cancer cells will die. I read that Hitler was frightened enough of contracting cancer to keep Dr Otto Warburg, who might save him, alive and out of the death camps. I stopped drinking tap water because it is acidic, and bought bottled water from M&S because it was cheaper than most, and has a pH of 7.4.
Twice a day, morning and evening, I drank a heaped teaspoon of organic Barley grass powder in a mug of warm water. This also helps to maintain the body in an alkaline state and so protects against cancer development. Morning and night I also took one 200mg of selenium to support my immune system. Chemo may kill cancer cells, but it also destroys our immune system which is vital for keeping cancers at bay. We all have cancer cells floating around our bodies and as long as our immune system stays healthy, the cancer cells will be killed. I will never again have any chemotherapy.
Each day I took vitamin C, low acid, free from sugar coating. These tablets can cause diarrhea and to help me through each stage I used Loperamide tablets from my doctor. The recommended intake each day was 1g. I started taking three tablets each day morning, noon and tea time, building up to eight tablets three times each day, making a total of 24 x 1g tablets. The oncologist also suggested I take a 75 mg aspirin every day, as it protects against stroke as well as cancer.
Curcumin X4000 a brand name with published studies that show this type of Curcumin has 23 times better absorption results than the standard 95% turmeric extracts. According to cancer researcher Bharat Aggarwal, a professor of cancer medicine at the Anderson Cancer Centre University of Texas, the incidence of the top four cancers in the US: colon, breast, prostate and lung, is as much as 10 times lower in India where significant amounts of Turmeric are consumed daily. Prof, Aggarwal says “We have not found a single cancer on which Curcumin does not work in suppressing the formation of tumours”. Curcumin acts as an antioxidant, killing off the body’s free radicals. It also blocks cancers from setting up their own blood vessels. I decided to add this therapy to my daily intake of natural compounds. Starting with three capsules,1 taken with each meal, building up to four capsules with each meal making a total of 12 capsules daily.
The final, but perhaps the single most significant item on my healing menu, was apricot kernels. In North Pakistan there is a group of people called The Hunzakuts who are vegetarians. They eat about 40 apricots each day and always eat the kernels. It was noted that the Hunzakut people are cancer-free. These bitter kernels are well documented in killing cancer cells. Kernels contain amagdylin which contains four substances. Two are glucose; One is benzaldyhide, and the other is cyanide both of these are poisons, cyanide is bonded and locked within other molecular formations therefore cannot cause harm. Cancer cells are not normal they contain an enzyme that other do not share, beta-glucosidase. This enzyme, virtually exclusive to cancer cells, is considered the unlocking enzyme for amagdylin molecules. It releases both the benzaidyhide and the cyanide creating a toxic synergy beyond their uncombined sum This is what the cancer cell’s beta- glucosidase enzyme dose to self destruct cancer cells.
Learning how the substances enter the cancer cells and destroy them, I started by taking eight kernels each day and built up to 54, taking 18 at each meal time. I had no side effects from taking either the apricot kernels, or the Curcumin. On the contrary, I felt on top of the world and believed that I was cured even before I got the results of my last scan to say they could not find cancer.
‘So within two months, this natural cure regime brought me cure, not kill and I was over the moon, as of course, is my wife. My oncologist shook me by the hand. I want to carry on having follow-up scans to prove I’m cancer-free and now I go back to the hospital for trainee doctors to poke and prod! I still follow a modified version of my healing regime, which I reckon set me about £32 a week while I was taking my full therapies, but now costs only coppers. I have about 24 apricot kernels, every day and three Curcumin X4000.
‘I still eat a good side plate of varied raw fruit and vegetables every day. I still power-walk and drink bottled water. I’m six foot. I used to weigh 1l stone eight, but now I am nine stone six. I really think that anybody can do what I did, and I only wish that I had, had this understanding of these therapies when my daughter was so ill. At the time, we thought that we were living in a country that had the finest health service one could wish for, and if the NHS could not cure my daughter who could? Had I known then what my own diagnosis taught me, perhaps she would be with us still.
‘In order to try and help others I did make contact with Cancer Research UK, I was told they were not interested. I e-mailed them and was told I would receive a reply within five days, but none materialised. I would like to spread the word that there is another way through cancer. (Google Allan Taylor Cancer, and you will find information about me) I’d like people to know how full of energy I am now. I may have a large scar on my stomach, but I still feel as if I am 21.’
In Brief: my natural healing cocktail includes:
An alkaline diet, with bottled water.
10 raw fruit and veg portions every day.
Barleygrass powder
Vitamin C
Bitter apricot kernels

Here’s the summary of what he did, which is basically the same thing I did:
-He cut out red meat and dairy ( I was raw vegan for 90 days)
-He took a teaspoon of barley grass powder in hot water every morning and night.
-He ate 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day
(This is easy to accomplish with a giant salad and fruit smoothie every day)
-He ate apricot kernels (Read my post about them here)
-He took vitamin c, selenium, and curcumin supplements
And he’s got a cross around his neck. 🙂
Unfortunately the article did not detail his exact supplement dosage amount, but considering that he only spent about $60 per week, I’m guessing the ones in the photo are all he took!

Organic Barley Grass Powder
He used Naturya, a UK brand. My opinion is that brand doesn’t matter for this as long as it’s organic and from a reputable company like Starwest Botanicals, etc.

SelenoPrecise Selenium Tablets
I taken many different selenium supplements, but haven’t tried this brand yet.

Raw Organic Apricot Kernels
I eat these every day!

Lypo-spheric Vitamin C
He used Nature’s Aid, another UK brand. I recommend Lypo-spheric because it’s 98% bioavailable.

Curcumin X4000
Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, this anti-cancer spice was a huge part of my diet and I take it in supplement form as well.
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